Dust Storm (Dalhart, Texas), 2007
Realtime 3D projection, 4.5m x 6m

'Dust Storm (Dalhart, Texas) 2007' extends from a
single archival photograph of a storm from the 1930’s
American Dust Bowl. The Dust Bowl event, which the
artist associates with a surge of petroleum based
power in the early 20th century, has been identified as
a central player in the economic slump of that time -
the Great Depression.

Production of the work involved the virtual
reconstruction - based on hundreds of the artist’s own
photographs and video - of a ten mile square section
of Texan landscape close to the town of Dalhart, an
area scattered with windmills, farms and fences. This
documentation was subsequently enhanced by publicly
accessible satellite and topographical data.

Once activated, a virtual storm unfolds in a sculptural
and constantly random manner within the
reconstructed landscape.

Production: Werner Poetzelberger. Modelling: Daniel
Felsner. Additional modelling : Christina Pilsl.
Programming: Matthias Strohmaier. Presentation design :
Jakob Illera / Inseq, Vienna.